Scooter Clunkers

Courtesy of the Genuine Scooter Company comes a program that could help some people get out of their old scoot and into a Genuine. The press release says:

Genuine Scooter Company, and it’s official safety director, Dr. Wilhelm Junkers, today announced a national “CASH FOR SMALL CLUNKERS” program. Dr. Junkers, together with participating GENUINE SCOOTER DEALERS, will offer a $300 CASH CREDIT towards any GENUINE SCOOTER PRODUCT in exchange for any “titled” 2 wheeler that can be rolled or driven in to it’s dealership. The video, shot by rank amatuers in Chicago, is a product of “BUSH LEAGUE PRODUCTIONS” here in the windy city. “This will be a limited offer with limited supplies”, said company president Philip McCaleb

At a minimum it’s good for a laugh, but for those of you with a buyer’s remorse bike rusting in the backyard it looks like a good time to upgrade. I just hope that the clunkers that come in get recycled and no resold. I’d hate to see a trade in “Moto Yamato 50” back on the road.

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