Sept is Here

Kymco Racing Parts

Scootertronics starts off Sept with some new parts from Stage 6 and Motoforce. Adding new clutches and bells to the GY6 50 line will be a welcome surprise for many Kymco Super 9 and Cobra owners also. The Kymco Super 9 indeed is a great running scooter and a new clutch from Stage 6 or Dr Pulley will get this scoot up and running to to speed much quicker.

Kymco two and four stroke scooters share the trans parts as GY6 so what works in a GY6 50 works in a Super 9 AC or LC scooter plus other Kymco 50cc two stroke and four stroke scooters such as the Agility 50 which needs help its slow which is great news because there are many choices from Variators and Clutches to adding large clutch bells so you can add the larger 107mm clutches. Also you are able to repair the bendix starter clutch as well as new roller weights in 16X13.

Kymco/GY6 50 Clutch

Adding a new clutch and bell will get you new found power for taking off from a dead stop plus climbing hills and getting around in traffic. Combined with roller weights and torque spring you can fine tune your machine to great pick up from a start and during ridding at lower speeds to get to higher speeds quickly.

Kymco Variator

Kymco Variator GY6


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