800 Number New Newsletter

For the past several weeks we have had trouble with our 800 number not being able to hear our customers when they call. I have been able to finally fix the problem. It was tough due to finding the time for me to figure what was the problem so I will share it with you so it might help others. I had gotten an 800 service long before vonage was even around broadband had just come out in 2003 when I started Scootertronics. This service from Telcan was the problem it was not working correctly. I had vocused on vonage and they were not the problem.

I have fixed the problem with a new 800 number from Vonage who is our VOIP provider, so it works much better. The new number is posted on the site and will show in your link to track your orders. There are some places phone numbers show that will take a few days for me to get to them.

Also a new newsletter will soon be emailed on every new order explaining our complete ordering system with shipping policy and well the whole nine yards so all know what they will get from from shopping with scootertronics like coupons special offers and info on their scooters.


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