New Dr Pulley Clutch

Scootertronics along with Straight Up Performance  brings another first to the scooter industry for high performance parts for 50cc scooters both two and four stroke. Scootertronics will offer this clutch as a complete plug and play upgrade same as the Ruckus set up Scootertronics offers now that no one else offers.

The new Two Shoe Dr Pulley clutch will come installed onto torque plates with torque springs, Naraku torque plate or NCY torque plate along with Koso riser, clutch bell. SCootertronics will offer a more affordable version plus a blown out version that can be custom made for your scooter as what part you would like to use. Plus this new clutch from Dr Pulley can be purchased alone and to change springs you only need to remove bell not complete clutch from torque plates.


Naraku Clutch Bell



DR Pulley Hit Clutch Two Shoe

DR Pulley Hit Clutch Two Shoe



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