Jets Main and Idle

Carb Jets have become one of the best ways to fix a lot of nagging problems on these two stroke and four stroke scooters mainly the low cost ones. What we have found is simply increasing the idle jet to a 45 up from 35 and adding an 80 or 85 main jet does the trick plus adding a dual layer filter from

Stage 6 Dual Layer

Stage 6 Dual Layer

UNI or Stage 6 really gets things going for smooth running and easy starting.

Idle Jet

Pilot or Idle Jet

Plus it works two ways that help both the two stroke and four stroke models. They restrict these scoots so much when making them simply adding larger jets seems to always help. The dual layer carbs hold the back pressure for gas flow.

Str8 Air Filter

Str8 Air Filter

When we get dirty carbs the fist thing we do is replace the idle and take a look at the main jet as well as the plug and always find we can increase the jet sizes with more fuel that way we can add more air without it getting too lean and increase it even more if we can then completely clean carb.


The jets we carry are mainly 5mm and 6mm and work in many two stroke as well as four stroke. The idle jets we have are what comes in all CVT carbs used in four strokes plus out two stroke idle is for the Mikuni style and some mains for Dellorto carbs also. We will offer a lot more for the PWK carbs we offer that we are using and the OKO.


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