Beware Cylinder Kits 4T

Well somehow I can not ignore the fact that several if not many websites are selling GY6 50 performance parts and leading a whole lot of unspecting consumers to buy cylinder kits which are simply so bad in quality that the description of the kits is wrong. Its easy to measure items with the tools of the day. In my early days of upgrades when upgrading doing cylinder kits and heads with larger valves I found many of my distributors had no ideal what they were selling. Although its gotten better somewhat through my eduction of them form my simple digital caliper I bought from Harbor Frieght.

The first thing I found was the 80cc kits were simply not 80cc. Distirbutors were selling 47mm kits and calling them 80cc that was in 2004/2005. I quickly changed my description to 70cc and lost lots of sales because I refuse to to lie about my products.

Well in 2010 its happening agian. Many websites that compete with Scootertronics and were made by copying Scootertronics are now claiming 100cc out of kits that measure 49.5mm which is barley 80cc not even true 50mm kits which are all over. The worst thing is they sell them so cheap it simply ruins the market. So and get it right and stop selling junk. Many customers are calling me complaining to me that they need rings because they rings they got on their so called 100c kits for 99 dollars or better yet 49 dollars are too think for the piston and the of the world will not even talk to them.

The largest cylinder a GY6 50 139QMB (a phrase I coined in 2005 to tell my engines apart that even the chinese copy now) engine will take in 52mm which is the size of the opening in the case. Although SYM is much smaller I have gone the extyra mile again and have a kit for those also which the opening in the case is 47mm or a bit larger. Now understand I am saying engine case not cylinder or head.

Now for the great news these very same dealers are selling a 80cc kit which once again is a 70cc kit at 47mm.

How do I know any of this you might ask. A shop, a showroom, a parts supply and my digiatl caliper. After working on hundreds of GY6 engines and sell 100s of scooters I did pick up a few things.

The dealer sitting at a desk in his house or at a warehouse has no ideal what he is selling. They are the best at fast shipping but the worse at anything else.

Consumers have to understand if it sounds too good to be true IT IS NOT TRUE.

Scootertronics was formed in 2003 long before anyone else on the web. In 2005 I started lots of performance parts, At this time I can upgarde any parts of a GY6 50 or 150 plus a mineralli two stroke, a TGB or Hyosung Frano Morini engine and now I am moving into Piaggio.

I have watched so many come and go that I will bet at least 75 percent of sites selling parts today will be gone by March. The most notable ones are quiting as I write this I have even had Denis Kirk copy Scootertronics and fail, there are several others who have simply copied Scootertronics and all I have brought forward in the last seven years there are now too too many same as scooter sites and distributors with Fly, Jonway, UM, Power Sports Factory all biting the dust there will not be any scooters to sell parts for except a thise consumers who still ride the ones they have now which brings to why I simply learn and improve daily.


2 responses to “Beware Cylinder Kits 4T

  1. Thanks for your diligent work Mike. I spoke with you briefly a few days ago. I am new to the Scoot culture. You were spot on about Fly closing the doors. My IL Bello 50cc is running great, but I want to upgrade already(Surprise!!!). You will be my source for parts..

  2. Hi Mike,
    I trust your opinion, so here goes: I have an IL Bello 50cc. Getting complete service this week(300 miles). Eng oil, gear oil, fuel filter, spark plug, etc.. Should I wait on upgrades until warranty expires(If one exists, since Fly is kaput), or go for it? Also, where would you start, and what parts would you recommend?

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