Two Stroke Upgrades

2010 has seen several new types of parts to Scootertronoics come to the top of the list for power upgrades to two stroke engines from Yamaha and CPI which is the 40QMB engine with a 16mm taper on crank and 107mm clutch plus 12mm wrist which the Yamaha motor has 13mm taper and 10mm wrist pin and comes with 105mm stock clutch.

Stage 6 Cylinder Kit

Stage 6 Cylinder Kit

Athena and Stage 6 round off the top of this list along with Yasuni. The stage 6 cylinder kits which are Athena made along with Stage 6 exhaust and Yasuni exhaust are simply our preffered brands to get the power and torque that most seek. Pair these parts up with a good trans upgrade and you have a top running scooter scooter with plenty of torque and top end speed.


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