Scooter Races

Saturday Nov 13 2010 will simply go down as a huge day in the history of scooter racing in the Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission’s record books. As a day that says W’ERE HERE TO STAY. After the last two months have shown the SRC scooter racing crew sponsored by Scootertronics has left a mark in Minimoto Racing that scooters put on races that has everyone watching. Most of the year we have seen some great racing from midbike and supermini but on this day scooters ruled. With more scooter showing than any other class by X3.

SRC Scooter Racing Crew

With a great race day at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Oct for NJMINIGP the SRC crew continued at Sandyhook Speedway which is their home to race till they dropped. The SRC’s top two racers never leave anything on the track and battle through traffic to make a point that this is for real. With bikes built by Tommy Thunder along with Rob Scholl the two pair up for instant drop dead scooter racing. Their scooter’s they are ridding as the design work of Scootertronics using the lastest and testing the scooters till they have it correct on both the bottom and top end for pure speed.

The 2010 season has been great which will lead us right into the 2011 season. So keep in touch and look for dates in Feb. We are working on scooters that will be able to be rented for a days racing for those who have no scooter to put on the track or those who just want to give it a try. MASRC will have around 20 dates in 2011 at Sandyhook and other tracks which will include NJMINI and a dirt oval for night time racing. The track at 75/80 in Maryland is also on our radar.


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