Retro 70 Stage6

Recently as in last week Scootertronics The Thunder Shop did a complete restore om a QJ Retro scooter same as Keeway or TNG model with all new Black and Biege panels along with engine rebuild using a Sport Stage 6 Cylinder Kit plus a Stage 6 Street Exhaust for lower noise and simple design not to make a race style look. For Fuel and Air we used a Dellorto Stage 6 Black Edition 19mm manual Choke Carb then added 5 gram Ninja Slider weights with new clutch bell (stock) new belt and of course we clean everything as well as the engine case.

Stage 6 Cylinder Kit

Stage 6 Cylinder Kit

I have to say this scooter turned out to be completely top notch for looks and certainly power on the bottom with plenty of top end speed. Tommy Thunder’s work with the SRC race scooters and scootermike’s nack for the exact right parts for the build have made this one we are very proud of plus with e help of our in-house top scooter racer of the last three months Rob Scholl doing our testing we were able to make marked improvements in our design and end performance.

Lance Cali Classic 50 a True Classic for 2010


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