More Weather Phone Problems

Weather Phone Stock Issues

Seems I can not catch a break here in 2011 with everything from leaking roofs to phone line and internet crashing to stock issues.

The building is all fixed now plus new wiring for internet and phones which are VOIP like most are nowadays. The parts warehouse has been redone which is just in certain parts of the build that houses Scootertronics.

Since during the winter Dec – Feb is cold enough to keep local customers from visiting everyday I work from home a lot where I ma not bothered by weather nor mechanics which I do  not mind its just I have a lot of other work that needs attention everyday like shipping globally which has been a challenge in itself.

With a lot of new products being added plus new stock parts for CPI Benelli and a few other scoots I have gotten somewhat behind in getting everything out the last two months on top of weather and building problem I also have stock issues with my distributors which simply do not stock products in off months which I never have months where I am not shipping the best products everyday. I so need to teach them a thing or two.


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