Dealer Expo 2011

Since being out of town has slowed shipping down some I will be catching up Tuesday when I am back in the shop and on the phones helping everyone.

Dynatek for Honda Ruckus is now offered by Scootertronics and will be posted on Tuesday with stock arriving Friday. Also made some real progress on Linhai CDI with a High Rev count, I say High because a no rev is not ever happening for any scooter its always a higher rev around 10,500 – 12,000rpms so understand when it says no rev its just releasing the rev limiter this is true for all GY6 No Rev CDIs also that Scootertronics offers.

Very small show this year which since I have been now 6 years in a row I am just spoiled but still had the chance to see my vendors and get some new stuff happpening.

I did find some really cool mirrors I will introduce very soon also plus some have much better control over postion which will allow rider to adjust on the fly without the stiffness most stock mirrors have.

As far as new scooters some scoots from Culutra, Znen offered by Puma where the only ones I even liked so I simply will move up.

Piaggio and Aprillia coming to Scootertronics. The SR50 and Fly 50 will make their debut very soon like this week when the rep visits me.


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