Leo Vince Exhaust

Scootertronics to offer Leo Vince TT Line of Exhaust

Although one of the most popular Leo Vince has not made it easy for Scootertronics to offer their exhaust. The simple fact that Scootertronics is a dealer for Leo Vince they themselves compete with Scootertronics online and on Ebay which is not a good show of intention for us as a dealer.

The one fact that stands out from all others is my personal experience in upgrading scooters. The two stroke 49cc scooters can be upgraded to allow a lot more performance. You have to be careful when addingexhaust that you add one that will work correctly with any or none t all other upgrades. A ZX 49cc or 50cc exhaust will not perform well with a 70cc upgrade. Although I have seen it work well there was a lot of other work done. The ZX line works very well on 49cc cylinders with other upgrades such as carb, air filter and CVT weights nd clutch springs.

Scootertronics offers and sells quite a few exhaust for Leo Vince but we only at this time offer a few pipes. The ZX line is most popular with the GP being a very hot looking pipe I like a lot. But on top of all my problems with Leo Vince they have one pipe I use a lot for Mineralli upgrades. The HM70 is great pipe unknown to most Leo Vince reps. Its the only true 70cc Leo Vince pipe offered as far as I am concerned. The ZX are used a lot of 70cc upgrades by a lot of consumers but I feel it does do well for 70cc upgrades, just my experience maybe I d ono have enough, I have seen ZX pipes on the track race my scoots and win so I do sell them with correct set up.

The very affordable TT line of exhaust from Leo Vince is being added to Scootertronics at this time.


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