Spring Scooters

The hot models so far for 2011

Keeway Matrix, FACT plus the Cali Classic have been sellingweel. The Keeway Matrix does well because it has style and looks o ther scooter has plus the performance is unmatched for its price. If you consider an Aprillia costing a few thousand more is close in performance this mkaes the Matrix a top model. Withsales pickingway up over 2010 the Matrix i runninglow on stock with only Orange/White left. The Keeway FACT with same top performance ha all colors ready to ship with a very cool black which you do not find black scooters. The Jonway Wasp is a good scooter by all means and shoul dbe looked at when consider a budget minded purchase. Same 40QMB engine as Keeway and CPI but without the price.

Now as far as super quality not that the Keeway is not great quality or super these next models just have that look Keeway does not offer so call us for Piaggio Fly 50 <1999.99) and Vespa LX50 (2199.99) we have prices on these models and are certainly able to deliver ready to ride for all our scooters.

The larger Linhai always sells well and you can ot go wrong with any Linhai model.

Gas Prices are Fueling a Scooter Rush

Although  a good thing for us all to save gas and ride scooters we all must figure our end goal in mind and what we intend to use a scooter for and what we really except from our scooters.

What I am getting at is to do your best to pick a scooter that will full-fill your needs of commuting, joy ridding, where you will ride the scooter, whether you need tags or motorcycle license, which is for everything above 49cc so please know your state laws.

In my 8 years of service for the scooter consumer I have learned a great deal. Most of all I have learned a good purchase from one that will simply cause massive headaches. First always shop locally even though this will keep Scootertronics from filling some orders its best to purchase locally. Scootertronics is a local shop so that means we sell scooters to our local customers. But on the other hand we make a good living from those who buy from the internet, get the scooter for 800 dollars delivered that does not start. This practice will never stop and is how I got started in the first place, selling scooters over the interent and fixing ones bought over the interent. On the other hand we ship scooters to consumers that are assembled and prep before leaving our shop. This keeps our prices what I think is realistic for a quality scooter that is prepped,has a warranty and parts that can be had from the source where the scooter was bought.

Please stay tunned I will vent and rant much more in the days to come with somegreat info like Piaggio and Aprillia comig to Scootertronics.


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