2011 Events

Events are heating up for Summer 2011 from Scooter/Motard Racing to Mods Vs Rockers in Essex MD the Tommy West Scooter/Motorcycle Ride held on two differet dates this year one for scooters and one for motorcycles, the Thunder Cacotian Mountain Ride, Straight Up Performance Day, NJMINI/MASRC/OHYSR East Mini Championship, Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission 2011 Scooter Racing Series at several tracks including New Jersey Motorsports Pak, Beaverrun PA, OVRP with NJMINIGP. with sponsors like MRP and Scootertronics 2011 will be a very cool summer to hang. A few events still on the drawing board are the Scooter Drag Racing dates which one is the Twist and Gone Series in Indiana which we are 75% there as of now, drag dates in MD, PA and VA with dates at dirt racks tha run mini sprint cars, these are show dates which we will demo our race scooters, several dates for scooter saftey and open house at scootertronics.

A quick look at Mods Vs Rockers last year was that we were joined by some of our motard racers from Sandyhook at this even who brought along their vintage motorcycles to take home best Japanese Motorcycle which was Paul Lough for an RD350 and for all those who raced at Sandyhook and NJMINIGP in 2010 will know Paul well not only for is skill on the track but as a supporter of MASRC from 2009. Also so with Paul at this event was Mark with his 64 Honda 200, so the day was a great time with scooter burnouts wheelies and<Photo 5>Tommy Thunders Allstate taking home best Vintage scooter.<Photo 3>

Scooter Racing in 2010 was in full swing at NJMINIGP with MASRC who placed 5 scooters on the track as well as Mike McHale on his super Aprillia which I know he cant wait to get back on the track with MASRC in 2011 as well as NJMINIs top rider Eric Stump who took first in the scooter final. XMR PROs was also placing scooters in the scooter racing series in 2010 at Sandyhook all year.

The scooter rides in 2010 from Scootertronics in Thurmont MD were in full swing on Aug 1 with 35 scooter riders showing to ride with Scooertronics. These scooter riders came from up to 100 miles away to ride with Scootertronics from the states of VA, PA and MD ridding everything from simple chinese knock offs to Beverly 500s a lot of Super 9s Etons plus Buddy 50s Piaggio Fly and LX, all riders donated can food to food bank. Thi sday made Tommy and I very proud to have this type of support from local riders so we intend to give much more back at this years Thunder Cacotian Mountain Ride scooter ride event.

MASRC has Twist and Gone in their sights as well as OHYSR at Circleville plus Mini Mash on May 29th in Camden OH.

With a scooter race team from Stage 6 getting on the track with MASRC and SRC at Scootertronicssponsored events as well as other events we are not directly involved in 2011 scooter racing will be huge for all.


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