Parts Shipping Times

Scootertronics ships daily stock and high performance parts for scooters.

With spring in full swing and scooters being pulled out of storage and started up for ths season many a rider is finding they need batteries, carbs, belts, weights,air filters maybe some jets plus those who are buying cheap at auction and craigslist need ignitions, tires and so on. These orders are being filled daily. The most common parts are always in stock plus with the many distributors we have there is also direct shipping which we do take advantage off when needed.

Idle Jet

Pilot or Idle Jet

There are parts that have sold out and others selling out very quickly. It seems the Stage 6 Pro Replica pipes went fast, we have replaced those with MRP. Leo Vince, PM Tunning, Athena and some others. When parts are out of stock its easy to find a replacement that will work this is hands down true for any performance parts except for a few Dr Pulley clutches.

We are getting a huge amont of phone calls plus emails for help with all sorts of types of scooters so it does take time to get the best correct part to everyone. We do have a 48hr processing time plus a shipping time of 5-14 business days. The longer time is only on hard to get stock and high performance and this is mainly due to making sure customer has given us correct info on their scooter.


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