Zuma Fuel and Air Mod

Zuma Fuel and Air Mod

Fuel and Air delivery is huge on scooters and they all seem to strave for this two elements. So I have put together a kit that we use in the shop to repair and upgrade the Zuma.

Zuma Air Fuel Mod

Zuma Air and Fuel Mod

This is a basic set up we use when upgrading an exhaust or cylinder kit and customer is not getting new carb.

This set up can also be used on complete stock scooter as a mod or upgrade to help scooter un better and start better. Your jet always get dirty and most repairs we do we simply replace jets.

When adding an exhaust is best to add more air and fuel. The Pilot Jet is larger at 45 where stock we find 38, so this adds fuel at low RPMs so not to run lean. the main jet is your choice from 80-95. The Air Filter is Pro Race Doppler 35mm intake. So it fits right on stock carb and many upgraded carbs.


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