Sold Out

First week in May show signs of stock being up for scooters and parts with most besides Keeway being delivered and shipped. Quite a few upgrades and custom work being done at the shop.

The Benelli as well as TNG, Cali Classic and Linhai with CF Moto scooters are being sold to local with ready to ride being shipped. Having Pit Motors close by in NJ gets our scooters to us fast and delivered to customer door ready to ride locally and nationwide.

Leo Vince along with Turbo Kit pipes are featured with Ninja weights and Stage 6 and Motorforce clutches and bells.. Another V5 from CF Moto got the goods in the thunder shop with Carb and Dr Pulley clutch and vaiator.

Looks parts are restocked and scooters in show room should make for a good May run with scooter racing May 15 at NJMINIGP.

SOLD OUT thats whay you will run into if you wait and its not a sales tool for me. Its a fact that happens due to demand. The past two years have been tough to stay in business and I have dissappointed a lot of my creditors and distributors. So they huge credit lines went away and so did the product.

So in 2011 its getting diffucult to get parts and almost impossible to get quality under 2 grand scooters and thats good ones not the 500 internet scooter that works sometimes and goes 30mph, I mean two stroke performance scooters.

Now for some really good news. CPI and Benelli buy all you want, make an investment that last years and does not dissappoint but simply ripes down the road looks very cool and gets you noticed and is every bit or better than Yamaha Zumas that go 30mph out of the box. Now I love Zumas and I even race them but an older one and I can make them scream.

If you are even think of buying a scooter do it now. Keeway is already SOLD OUT of two stroke models and will not produce anymore period. A huge mistake on their part which will simply put them out of the picture. Now thier are a few TNG models around but these are left overs no more will be produced period for two stroke. The smaller 50cc scooters will be a hard find if you want to go over 30mph.


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