Nothing Beats the Original

With a lot of scooter riders today looking for that added get up and go most turn to their roller weights in the CVT system to add that power. There is nothing like a new belt, new set of weights and a clean clutch to get back all performance that has seemed to fade over time. This is hard to tell sometimes if you ride everyday due the slow death of a stock belt weights and clutch. So many want to add more air and gas when all that is needed is correct specs on worn out parts.

The Original slider weight is not Dr Pulley who loves to claim everyone copied them but its the Adige HRS Carbon Slider Weight when it comes to slider weights as Vespa is to scooters.

Adige Slider

The Adige Sliders Adige HRS Slider Carbon is the the world patented, carbon fiber rollers feature a unique shape that dramatically reduces wear and subsequent deviation of scooter performance. The shape allows the roller to travel greater distances along the roller tunnel and enables the user to modify the low CVT ratio by +3% and high CVT ratio by +7%. The result is that the rider can expect enhanced speed and acceleration.  Hmmmm well put I must say.


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