Read but understand I am building a whole new site and have multiple ones now plus shop, dyno all types of good stuff

Since 2003 Scootertronics has created a new site every two to three years to not only get a better look but to keep up with the times. So its 2011 so its time to improve the shopping cart plus make it easier to find the 10-20,000 parts we stock and the high performance parts that have become so popular. One of the shopping cart features that will be added is order tracking. Although Yahoo offered a great way I still can’t get customers to check their emails for shipping info or order processing to show when the customer card was charged. although all the info is emailed so that is sent when customer purchases and during process still over 65 percent call, to help that I have added a person to help with phones plus added a second number that forwards so we do miss calls. I can’t answer the phone while I am on it. Scootertronics must also now add very expensive software to combat fraud. With an average of  10,000 a year since 2008 I have to be very careful. The ones that are stolen credit cards are noticeable, but the husband who uses wifes card and she refuses payment, the person who borrows a card from their friend and the friend refuses payment and the list goes and all these are after the customer has received parts and since its not their card I have to pay the wife back or friend. Every so often customers write we ripped them off, this is impossible when you follow Visa Mastercard rules. So I do follow them for 8 years so no one ever did not get their parts that I received payment for, I can say that every week I do have orders I do not fill because customer’s cards are declines which is forcing me back to getting auth at the time of sale which holds the money for me till I batch. I stopped doing this to help customers understand I only charge when I ship or when a special parts is ordered.

Scootertronics was built and maintained by me and no one else for over 8 years, I have done everything till July 2011 which now I have shipping and warehouse help plus accounting help and have formed an other company to manage even more websites.

The following has everything to do with the inexpensive scooters consumers buy online with no support.

I read the complaints and have never found one where it was truthful and have found many where the customer never bought anything from me and found where other scooter websites write the complaint, the ISP numbers tells me where the complaints comes from so yes those who complain and are website competing with me its easy for me to tell even when they call me, this type of thing is promoted in books.

I will have customers who write scam artist and then call for help.  I have consumers call and tell me off because that bought a scooter and think I am the manufacturer than write a complaint because they bought from a dealer who they can no longer reach

Consumers must try to realize that not all websites work the same. Scootertronics provides parts and service for Chinese scooters. A lot of customers are so mad when they call me because the bought a scooter online it does not work and the dealer the bought from says oh no we don’t have parts or service. I like what I do but does not mean I have let consumers yell at me and curse me out, threaten me and simply steal from me. Consumers dont understand business days and think UPS works on Sundays, consumers will order Sat night call Monday morning yell at me because I have not shipped the screw they ordered. There are the people who write the complaites.There is no online store like Scootertronics at all no where, there is not one place in the USA that sells, scooters, scooter parts, that has a shop plus retail store plus warehouse plus a racing team and rides scooters motorcycles the whole none yards. I just think the nay sayers are to mad at something that has nothing to with me. Today a 14 year old used tons of curse words on a youtube site of mine that is not even scootertronics.


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