Small Business and The Internet

Now that we are fully into the digital age where a huge amount of consumer purchases and research for products is done online its easy to tell what consumers expect.


Most consumers except all websites to operate the same. If they buy from Ebay or Amazon they except the same level from all websites. That is not happening. Not every website has the back end these two sites have or will ever have. If consumers will understand that he credit rules do not allow websites to steal that alone should tell they will not loose money, they might have to prove they have been done wrong but they will get their funds back, so don’t make the mistake of sending cashiers checks or wire the funds use your credit card they give you added protection.


When consumers except all sites to be the same is where the heart ache starts. Not all websites ship same day and are automated. Easiest way to understand this is what are you buying. A book or very very hard to find scooter parts for a scooter your neighbor bought from a site that is out of business in 2005 and the scooter is no longer made nor does anyone know what it is but there are places that do and will have the part but you need to have patients while the retailer for scooter parts makes sure you get correct product and that will only happen from a scooter parts retailer that has the experience. Not a website run from someones house drop shipping from another retailer that dropships from another retailer because there are few true retail websites for scooter parts who do not compete with the retailer they sell to.


Scootertronics which I built in 2003 to go along with my local scooter biz. I am very happy to say I have grown and taken my punches along the way. Some of my most troublesome problems are my distributors who take my success online and copied it and now offer the same parts they only sold wholesale to scootertronics online themselves. I wll very soon stop buyig from any distributor who competes me online and have started alreaady. It has just been easier to get one part that one consumer needed one time from a US distributor. This leads me to th epoint that consumers have to understand that some products I offer only sell once or twice a year, so NO I don’t stock them nor will I , I will simply get them as needed, now I do stcok 100s of parts that is how Scootertronics ships 1,000 parts a month.


I will be back to add more to this post


2 responses to “Small Business and The Internet

  1. Kristopher Pixley You & I had a conversation via FB chat about 2 months ago about putting some work into my scooter and you were in the middle of moving inventory. I was impatient and HAD to have my parts so I ordered almost $1000 worth of parts from Scrappydog. It’s 2 months later, I still do not have the big valve head I paid for, the performance bell housing, and performance exhaust broke off within 2 weeks, and they sent me the wrong piston rings 3 times. Sent me the wrong camshaft, and now I am waiting to see what else will break. Thanks for selling ONLY quality parts, and having great customer service, I will forever buy from scootertronics because of this. You were very upfront when I asked you about the quality of their parts, live and learn, and I definately learned.

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