More Scoots on the Out

The Hammerhead LaVita is No More

Another scooter that someone put thought into but that is it. Never consider timing (Lance did with SYM) nor cost and same old same old. Although I certainly liked the look and the build was ok but who know no one that’s who. Why it was never introduced the correct way to the correct people or dealers and the timing and effort  that was just not happening. A very simple way to get the correct people to see a product is to go where they go to and embrace no matter what level it is on. Put this scooter in a few simple places and it would have gotten reviews and plenty of talk online and off. The GY6 150 engine would made it last by itself. The Cali Classic is doing just this and some like the look of the LaVita but not now. But it seems they wanted to teach an old dog some new tircks which the Scooter Community this scooter best resembles would have nothing of it. Hence Bye Bye Bye because of poor sales butHammer Head has its carts which kick butt and I love to mod these go carts from Hammer head with custom exhaust, clutch kits and much  more.


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