GY6 50 Big Bore

GY6 50 139QMB Cylinder Big Bore Upgrades

Good Morning folks, today I will  address another concern of mine that I have posted on these pages once before a few months back, I have seen many consumers read this info by looking at the stats for info that I will get a little deeper into it.

The GY6 50 Four Stroke scooter engine can be upgraded with cylinders and heads up to 52mm, as far as CC’s are concerned I have rated this at 85cc. Keep in mind that two stroke machines with same size cylinder are rated at 90cc-107cc, the GY6 125 is 52mm also and is rated at 125cc.


The 100cc kits are not 100cc please run from these

The problem that is happening is dealers online who have no shops or experience are selling four stroke big bore kits for GY6 50 engines that simply are deffective. and if they do even start to work they break down and also are junk.



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