New Yamaha Zuma 50F

Looks like Yamaha is jumping in full stride with a four stroke which to me only boasts the two strokes value even further up the ladder. Actually I never thought Yamaha would make this move to bring a completely great scooter to a slammin stop blam no more speed but a slow crawling machine to run over all over again. Think the chinese scoots were slow they are not they can be upgarded for great speed and at least ride in traffic plus they still offer a two stroke and will keep it up longer. Ok folks looks like I have some work to do to figure this puppy out so I can help those who spring for it to get around in traffic easier. The CVT will be easy and will not change from other models

New Zuma Four Stroke

Zuma Four Stroke 50 2012

  •  49cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC
  • Fuel injection
  • DC CDI Sure glad I started pointing this out years ago
  • Same 10 inch fat wheels and tires

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