Mini Quad Racing Parts

Mini Quad Racing ATV Racing

The quad racing has really taken off in the last few years which has brought the production of many new products to help these machines compete with each other every weekend.

Since Scootertronics provides many high performance parts for scooters the engines in the Quads will be an easy upgrade based on the fact that the Quads use the very same engines as the scooters.  Scootertronics has sponsored a Scooter Racing Crew for 3 years running that include scooters from Yamaha Zuma, Eton, Yamati, Kymco, Benneli, Vento, Keeway plus of course my very own custom made racing scooter that I took what I had and built the fastest one when the right rider was on it. The above are all two stroke with one four stroke so I do have high performance for 49cc four stroke also since Kawasuki, Linhai, Kymco all use the same engine as the scooters also.

Stage 6 Polini NCY Dr Pulley in STOCK

With that said the Apex, DRR Kawasuki, CANAM, Dinli are a few of the Quads that Scootertronics has in stock high performance parts for the engines from these top brand names, now I don’t have everything all the time but I can assure that what I don’t have I can easily import in a short time frame, I do it for scooters every week.

  • Brand Name Parts
  • KOSO
  • UNI
  • Athena
  • EMGO
  • Stage 6
  • Naraku
  • MRP
  • Polini
  • Malossi
  • Keihin
  • Mikuni
  • Motion Pro

These are just some of the brands there are plenty of lesser known brands that are made in the same factories.

Scootertronics has in stock the best clutches from Dr Pulley, Stage 6, Koso which all inculde bells as well as the torque springs, clutch springs, variators and weights, belts. Here is a list of what I can offer the mini quad racers

  • Air Filters
  • Carbs
  • Jets
  • Fuel Line
  • Cables
  • Variators
  • Weights
  • Drive Plates
  • Rear Driven Pulleys custom made
  • Final Drive Gears Plug and Play thats means pressed to stock gear
  • Custom made air intakes that include cold air intake
  • Custom Made Plug and Play Clutch set ups
  • Cylinder Kits Big Bore 70cc to 100cc for two stroke up to 85cc for Four Stroke Kaws and Linhai
  • Reed Cages
  • Reeds
  • Manifolds custom made with petals of your choice
  • Air Intakes custom made
  • Exhaust not so many here because I do mainly scooters but I do all accounts needed to import these exhaust from Polini, Malossi and any others you might not even know about liker Turbo Kit

One of the problems I see happening is major brand names being put on parts that are certainly not correct. This happens with Koso products a lot.

Now an area I don’t like to put way out there is prices. My research tells me my prices are much better than most sites.

Example Koso Bell 69.99 Koso Clutch 99.99 same clutch I see online for 203.99 These are also Stage 6 clutches

The simple fact that I make custom products for the racer in one of my shops by mechanics that understand what you need from the product. A clutch set up is a perfect example.

Scootertronics can build a plug and play rear driven pulley system for mini quads that includes

  • Fixed Rear Pulley
  • High Performance Torque Driver Plate
  • Torque Spring
  • Torque Spring Base
  • Clutch of your choice from stage 6, Dr Pulley, MRP, KOSO, stock with clutch springs whatever fits your budget
  • Plus the Bell which is a choice also from KOSO Stage 6, Dr Pulley and so on

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