Electric Scooter Fast-Charging

Electric Scooters what a concept sorta like electric cars. Well they are and yes you can buy them here is the US. And yes there are parts and yest they are well built and carry the same price tag as their gas powered brothers but without the headaches of buying gas, without the service needed for a scooter in this price range.

Scootertronics does offer a reliable well made brand name electric scooter for commuters ridding 100miles a week on one tank of gas. The Linhai Scootertronics offers is 1899.99 with removable battery that can be charged inside your home with no trips to the gas station plus it looks just like its gas brother.

There are plenty of consumers where the electric scooter is a very good ideal. Those who have bought the inexpensive gas scooters would have been better off with an electric considering the time,  the bitter feud they have with dealers they buy from, the whole parts problem, the service problem which should not be at all.

In the past eight years I have sold plenty of scooters that don’t get 150 miles a week on them. There are plenty that get about 100 miles due to where the consumer rides everyday to work, play, and shopping. So those of you who ride city streets  and make a gallon of gas last all week could be ridding an electric without the headache of buying the gas and service for the engine that has been reduce to  a DIY engine you have a hard time knowing what it is anyway.

Electric Scooters Use Same frame and Panels as Gas Scooters

Electric Scooters same Frame and Parts as Gas Except Engine

Here is few links. Stay Tuned I am doing some research on electric scooters for commuters just as I did in 2002 to get Scootertronics started which the name Scootertronics means

Linhai Electric Scooter

Linhai Electric Scooter 500watts 65miles on a charge 35MPH

gas and electric scooters which is how I started out offering both but the electric ones turned out to be toys. Being the first online of only a few to ship reliable gas scooters for commuters I am at it again but much better off this time around.


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  3. I like electric scooter very much becoz they are pollution free.

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