Scooter Racing

Scooter Racing in the US

American Scooter Racing Assocaition

These guys are doing Scooter Racing on the West Coast with mainly vintage scooters with manual gears. The vintage scooters that are racing are not the twist and go that are so popular in Europe and Asia. Now there is a big scene for Vintage in England and other places in Europe.

American Scooter Racing Assocation

The Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing Commission that was started by Tommy Thunder and Michael from Scootertronics is gaining ground although taking some time off in 2011 to make improvements on the Thunder Shop and improvements to Scootertronics they hope to get back on the track in mid Nov. With a recent article in Scoot Mag more scooter racers will surface in the east to come out to Sandyhook and NJMSP.  MASRC continues to build racing scooters in the Thunder Shop in Thurmont MD with the support of Scootertronics and such scooter parts distributors as MRP in FL and others. In 2011 the SRC scooter racing crew has been busy with a paint scheme and gear to match to complete a visual as well as building the scooters from the ground up to purely race.  New design for an engine combining a Kymco and Mineralli design is in the works. The  SRC scooter racers and MASRC are checking out cart tracks in FL and back up the east in order to set up The SRC Scooter Racing Tour, Stage6, Polini, MRP, Naraku and other distributors are on our list to talk with about sponsorship. Although the scooter racing scene is very small in the US it’s a slow process but all the major manufacturers and distributors of scooter racing parts have taken notice so we will see where this all leads us.




NASRA which hosts scooter drag racing in Indiana in the Mid West rounds out some really cool scooter racing. Very active in 2011 the NASRA has put forth a great effort to promote and bring scooters in general to the attention of the masses. Not only drawing scooter racers the NASRA events get all the local riders and some really fine looking custom Honda Ruckus machines to boot.

SRC scooter racing scootermike

Scootermike Racing at VIR 2009


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