Auto Choke 17.5mm Carb

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Auto 17.5mm Two Stroke Carb Keeway CPI Jonway


This 17.5mm auto choke stock carb is found in most Asian made two stroke scooters. We provide quality made carbs for replacement from Keeway and CPI.

Eton Beamer and Matrix use a 15mm auto choke carb along with the Yamaha Zuma. Replacing with this carb is an upgarde.

These carbs are good quality and work great. Plug and Play. Hook up your stock cable for stock cylinder kits.

When using a 70 kit best to get Motion Pro Cable and mix your gas and oil. This will ensure correct oil to keep your engine cool.

Auto Choke 17.5mm Carb

Auto Choke 17.5mm Carb

You can use just as is with dual or double cable that works fine on both your throttle slide and oil pump.


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