Jan 2012

2012 Not the End of the World

Looks like the new year is upon us and I am ready to get things started back up and make the new year really a new year.

2011 was a tough year for Scootertronics.

Not to bore or get myself anymore rev’ed up I will make the story short and to the bottom line. Which is I am alive and well and with surgery and treatment I will be ready to go further than ever. During this and the summer of 2011 I lost a lot of customers and accounts due to a failed attempt to create a company with someone else who left me holding the bag losing thousands.

At this time Jan 2012 I am doing my best to catch up after missing weeks in Nov and Dec with only be able to work a few days a week and s few hours a day.

Scootertronics has established its FL location. We will start small with some shipping and a small repair shop. I am working with someone who helped me get my start in 2004 selling scooters.  My first attempt in July did not work out and I am afraid to say that I  made some wrong choice’s about who to trust and work with so it is taking a little more time to get past my choice’s  so now my grieving period has been out weighed by another clear set back I must now face. My health had caught up with me while I was in FL working very hard to establish a new company along with a bigger warehouse a on a very large scale with lot;s of products. The two are completely unrelated.

Since I live in MD and my family is there that had me far away from my wife and two teenagers. My health problems were hard to deal with alone but I did and then I left the mess of a failed attempt to work with another company to create a much bigger company that was to be much better but all of a sudden without one bit of notice I was bailed on plus a whole list of customers I was working with  after I clearly was in 100 percent with movingthere, getting a place to stay moving some bikes there to ride to the office plus pallets of products and my personal property. Without any warning it was over that left me with orders unfilled.  Hence I had some not too happy customers and  dumb founded on what to say.  Since I am mostly interested in my legency and spreading what I have worked hard to learn  than my material crap or bank account which some don’t care about to the point that the reason why Scootertronics was started was being completely forgotten, I could not do that and made it clear I was not going to do that and to the day I still deliver my best. At this point I have kept it all to myself, no more I neeedd to vent and get back moving forward.

My health is where it needs to be to work hard. Not to pull my own horn but I never say no to anyone who calls on whether I can help or not. I am sick and a surgery or another surgery and I can be cured after some treatments which I do daily. They say it won’t kill me but it sure feels like it sometimes. Faith is what I keep being told so I will head full into Scootertronics as well as even more than I have ever attempted before because I have it and can do it.

You will notice Straight Up Performance as well as some other major changes on the way Scootertronics developes products. The bottom line is I am back after the end of Oct and all of Nov and Dec barely getting products shipped so I am  answering my phone at 800 249 8099 301 579 1874 and the shop at 240 282 8220 there is a machine here for winter hours and use the 800 number for all sales and the 301 number for everything else. Scootertronics is 9 years old this year and the oldest online Chinese scooter part site. No other  site is older nor lasted through everything that has happen in the scooter industry in the last ten years.

All past orders that have not been filled from Dec are being shipped or refunded. Discounts are being sent out through email marketing all complaints and questions are being answered plus I have gotten all my vendors back in line after losing a few to the confusion about the FL deal. Please understand I did everything I could to make this work and even though I do have a Scootertronics presence there and do ship products from MD, FL, IL, CA and IN two of the companies that had started out with this venture are no longer with me I just did not agree with the way they wanted to do things and just thought the customer should come first as to what works best not hurry up and get off the phone not to just ship whatever.


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