Thanks to all my Scootertronics supporters who have visited this blog and over the last 6 months plus most of all those who are now customers and those who will soon be customers and not only visitors. The last 6 months have not be too great for my self but I do have to say things are getting better and I have so many new products planned. My whole thing is plug and play which means when you get a new stock carb I will install the larger jets and add the correct air filter for your set up. Tommy and I know these scooters well and work on them everyday for the past 9 years which is what makes Scootertronics what it is today.

Honda Ruckus Upgrades Mods

Honda Ruckus NCY Done

Besides new products I will pay special attention to dealers and shops to create a local service that beats all where NO is not going to happen. So if you are a small shop or dealer and you need help i can help with all scooters. When a scooter, go cart or ATV comes in for repair and you never seen it before take it in I will help fix it and get the correct parts, with 9 years I can make it happen.

High Performance Carb Kit 32mm

High Performance Carb Kit 32mm

No matter what scooter or what problem I can help. 301 576 1874 plus you can call me and Tommy and I will open up the shop numbers soon for tech help from Tommy and Mary also.

2011 was hard I made some bad choices and my health affected my work, I have cleared up my bad choices and now have more to offer and I am not being held back by anyone’s silly ways in 2012.

If you are waiting on an order please be patient I will get to you all, I am at my desk and in the shop 7 days a week.

DR D Ruckus Exhaust

DR D Ruckus Exhaust


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