GY6 50 New Products

NCY Naraku New Products

GY6 50 139QMB Engine Parts

GY6 50 Performance Exhaust

GY6 50 Performance Exhaust

2012 Brings Scootertronics several brands that have upped their game for GY6 50 scooter engines and listen to us and our customers. 2011 saw the cheap 49.99 cylinder kit at 100cc, no such thing which got me selling rings and pistons to those who bought these kits that failed.

52mm Head KIT

52mm Head KIT

2012 will offer many versions of these kits to try to help the consumer build their own or have us put it together for you. Customers who buy these kits need only ask what else they can do as for fuel and air and exhaust to really get these kits to produce. I will say I like NCY HEADS over all. Naraku has the better pistons but NOT HEAD. The Exhaust I am most found off is also offered on a more affordable choice in 2012. When upgarded a cylinder kit the fuel and air should be made to flow freely as much as possible. Dual Layer filer with larger jets does the trick. Manifold does play a big part when going to 24mm carb as well as air intake. Teflon manifold with a NCY spacer creates better flow by increasing the manifold intake height along allowing carbs to fit without bottom out on engine case. Correct any electrical with NCY or Naraku CDI for four stroke AC pulse along with a coil or at least a new cap, stock coils fail from leakage through wire and cap. New weights belt should be in order so they do not simply break nor have flat spots so you never realize full gearing.

Take note of the Performance Exhaust shown here for 179.99 improves any four stoke Gy6 50 scooter certainly fits well with a lot of models to Retro and Sports model 50cc scooters and is all piece bracket, header and can are all one peiece. This exhaust is my favorite for GY6 50 next to a Leo Vince which is slightly smaller.


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