Two Stroke Performance

Two Stroke Performance

Mineralli Franco Morini Kymco Vento

Yamaha TGB Hyosung Super 9 Cobra Keeway CPI

Building a performance two stroke scooter starts with knowing which engine you have in your scooter. This makes it a lot easier to pick correct parts. Also understand what your scooter is doing as stock with the service areas up to date.

Clean carbs CVT in top working order spark plug fuel delivery air delivery all important to know before upgrades. A lot of people ride their scooters and put a lot of miles on them without maintaining these areas.

Different stages can be done to get the results you are looking for from simple roller weight change to complex tunning with fuel and air as well as engine and exhaust.

Stay tuned I will break down each scooter type and area’s to upgrade from the simple to the extreme. Call me if you need some help before I finish up 301 576 1874



Lets take a look at the Mineralli Horizontal Engines used in Yamaha Zuma, Vino 50 plus the Chinese made 40QMB used in Vento, Keeway, CPI, Baccio.

The Yamaha Zuma leads the pack in Quality out of the box.

The Zuma will respond well to CVT weight changes, clutch spring upgrades as well as torque spring.  Lowering the stock weight of the roller weights will cause RPM’s will raise resulting in a faster take off to top speed. You can also go the way of clutch and torque spring change these results also and keep weights at a larger gram weight for better top speed. This can apply to bith 50 and 70cc scooter upgrades.

Fuel and Air is limited on the Zuma through the 15mm carb and jets. Scooters imported into the states run lean and are set up that way. Adding a larger main jet as well as a pilot/idle jet plus a performance air filter will allow more air and fuel for over all better performance. This is all done to stock carb. When adding a larger carb 17.5-19mm on stock 50s will also add overall better performance. The larger carbs do need an exhaust


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