Bando Kevlar Scooter Belts

Bando Kevlar Plus ETI Kevlar

Standard Bando Scooter Belts

Scootertronics has added to our line of Gates Powerlink, Pinasco belts and Malossi Special X and Kevlar belts Bando Standard and Kevlar. One would say they have always been here but I stayed away from Bando that was offered by some of my distributors because they were not real but fake copies that were too cheap for me to even mention nor offer. They are all over the internet from quite a large number of sites but I do not mind saying just like a lot of Gates belts they are simply FAKE and cost the consumer not only hard earned cash for a fake belt but even more problems when they break and tear up your CVT.

Early on when Gates first started visiting Scootertronics and this would be in 2005 I started to catch on that the gates belts I offered were not really correct nor real Gates belts. Genuine Gates Belts are not sold by anyone but Gates. The distributors I use for Gates belts buy their Gates Belts from Gates.  Some of my distributors do not agree nor even acknowledge that some are fake. It happens in every industry not just the scooter industry. Its easy to tell fake from real and the best way for the consumer to tell is packaging. If there is no packaging its FAKE. Although some times fake ones slip into my delivery from my distributors I do not offer as Genuine Gates. Most websites offering scooter belts are real low prices are selling a product that will break easily.

Bando Standard and Kevlar will start to be added to the Scootertronics site but please understand the price is not the 9.99 price for Bando you see other places. A standard GY6 50 669 18 30 belt will sell for 29.99 same as Gates. The Kevlar version will go for 39.99 so its the best buy and the pricing allows an offer to the consumer the best for less. A Kymco People 250 Standard Bando will sell for the low price of 69.99 there is no Kevlar version. The Ruckus Kevlar Bando Belt will go for 39.99 in a ETI Brand. I will add most Honda Belts for SHi 150, Elite 80, Helix 250 which will cover CN250 also these will also be added in an ETI Kevlar version at 49.99 these are great prices compared to a Malossi belt. The one big thing that I will start offering is belts and weights together as a package so consumers can service their CVT in a package.


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