New Honda Ruckus Parts

New Ruckus New Fuel N Air

A few new items for the Honda Ruckus Fuel and Air. A lot of guys using the stock Ruckus engine want to upgrade the carb air filter intake and suck for better performance and Main Jets. It is suggested these upgrades with pipe and variator upgrade at the same time. The Ruckus is tricky to tune to due auto choke. The new carb kits are manual choke so that should solve the problem. Also added a carbon Fiber Style Exhaust for 2012 also from top brand name.

These are being offered for the first time by Scootertronics as of April 2012

This spring has gotten a few of the Stage 6 MK II clutch builds that also include torque plate and spring base plus torque spring added for complete set up. The highly tunable MK II clutch should certainly help.




Intake Carb Jets Air Filter Exhaust. A new High Performance CDI will be introduced from NCY without the heavy price tag as a few other brands somehwere 100-175 will be on the mark.


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