April May Close Out on Top

The months of April and May found Scootertronics extermely busy helping many consumers and past customers get their scooters back on the road from winter storage. The most popular items have been main jets , idle jets, roller weights and slider weights which Scootertronics introduced Dr Pulley slider weights in 2004. Air Filters and Jets help any scooter which most are produced to run lean. Up jetting helps over all performance plus helps keep an air cooled engine from getting too hot and losing performance.

The CVT parts which are the basic transmission of variator, clutch and bell plus the belt. Making improvements with performance parts from Torque or Compression springs, variator weights are the simple improvements that any scooter and rider will benefit. The main items here are the weights and belt which are servicable items that need replacing every 500-1000 miles for stock and many more miles when getting a quality belt or Kevlar. The stock belts in Chinese scooters are not good for the long haul plus the Chinese will say Gates belts used when they are plus many online sites sell Gates belts that are not Gates.  Gates belts which are the real ones have Gates part numbers on them plus Gates packing. Scootertronics has added the ETI brand of Bando standard and Kevlar. The Bando belts are good when they are the real belt. Once again many chinese scooters claim Bando but its untrue Scootertronics offers the real thing with ETI Kevlar belts at 39.99


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