New Mirrors

Mirrors are always a way to customize that have a full function and most of all are needed.

Billet Mirrors

Billet Mirrors 10mm Adapter Needed for 8mm

Plus its the law. A lot scooters its hard to see out of the stock mirrors and get them adjusted due to height and the fact  that there are no adjustments. I will add some new ones over the next few weeks as time allows that are taller, wider and can be adjusted.

Malteze Cross Mirrors

A lot of consumers don’t know they have to move the controls to move the mirrors into correct position. Most just start pulling on then while they are ridding so adjust before yo start the bike.

Stage6 F1 mirrors are also orderable but with a 10-14 day wait on delivery.

Bar End Mirror

Bar End Mirror

Also getting in the mix is Bar End Mirrors which really help a lot of riders see what is behind them.

Stage6 F1 Mirror


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