The Long Arm of the Law

The Long Arm of the Law

Well it seems that a lot of new laws and regs went into affect nationwide in July 2012 with a lot more sneaking in all the time. The consumer for the most part can not keep up with these and I don’t think any one person can who does not make it a full time job. EPA and Customs claim to be there to help. This is true and I have seen EPA in action many times over the last 30 some years. Now in the disguise of help EPA and Customs block the import of certain parts for scooters that are needed everyday not just by the scooters that got in that should not have but main stays like the Yamaha Zuma. This to me forces consumers to go without their scooters which in have grown in popularity over the last 10 years and do not show a sign of slowing up. The complete Asian scooter market is a good thing and has helped a lot of people get around but EPA and Custom do not make it easy for any scooter dealers to get everything US consumers need. Because I do like to help and know the scooters well I have found a way around most of the problems but it takes time. Just this week fuel intakes are a problem. Also I provide parts to upgrade the fuel delivery and guess what can not buy the parts anymore because they have lead in them. Parts that are not bought often take a bit longer. Most consumers wait till summer to try to get parts when the demand is way up and supply way down.  The internet has also grown in the last ten years providing an easy way to get parts. The problem here is so many jumped in to sell parts not knowing what the parts are just how much the product is not what scooter the part works on.

So really the bottom line is be patient and I can help.




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