Performance and Stock Parts

Performance and Stock Parts

For types of scooters from Piaggio to GY6 50 and 150 engines. All scooters need service and care. Stock parts are replacement for the OEM parts. The Performance parts are of better quality and more tuned for performance aspect to get the most from your scooter.

A simple upgrade to your fuel and air delivery system does wonders to get everything your scooter running just that much better. What I have found over the years is most scooters imported into the US on the lower end of cost are made to run lean. This is most noticeable on the 49cc two and four stroke models. Raising the size of the idle/pilot/slow jet and main jet will improve the performance of the engine plus can eliminate several problems such as bogging in the mids.

SCooter Parts

The Fuel and Air delivery as far as the fuel valve (petcock) is also suspect. The fuel valve offered will simply cure this problem with quality Mikuni fuel valve and eliminate the fuel valve on the bottom of the gas tank which fails easily and does not pump correct amounts of gas all the time for  smooth running. This kit is one of many that are NOT off the shelf products but developed by Straight Up Performance for scooters.


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