New Kits for Electrical Upgrades

Parts Selling Fast

Several of the most popular parts in 2012 have sold out too early. New shipments of the NCY Intake Kit with Jets, Intake and Air Filter are due in the next two weeks.

GY60 50cc and 150cc Plug and Play Power Upgrade

GY60 50cc and 150cc Plug and Play Power Upgrade

The Power Play kits with High Performance Coil, NCY CDI, Uni Dual Layer Air Filter and Jets for GY6 scooter carbs. These are also due back in the next 5-10 days.

Due the kits performing well for consumers with GY6 engines these two kits sold out a lot faster than I had excepted.

Scootertronics has been using the intake, coil, jets and CDIs to improve the GY6 engines since 2006 and have several other kits that will be online that will get great results also very fast for daily riders.

NCY has provided an unique coil that will end leaking coil wires while adding the correct of amount of voltage for spark for quick start ups and smooth tunning.

NCY Coil

These coils connect direct to spark plug elimniating the coil wire with coil and cao as one. Using along with NCY CDI a great match is made and now offered at Scootertronics.

NHRC High Performance Exhaust for Kymco 150cc scooters.  With power to boot and a sound to ride by the NHRC Performance Exhaust fir Kymco 150 four stroke scooters is powerful and of high quality.

Electric Ignition Performance upgrade with NGK Iriduim Spark Plug, NCY Direct Ingnition Coil as well as NCY High Performance CDI rated at 10,500 RPM for GY6 engines with added bonus of spark plug wrench.


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