Four Stroke Carb Care

CVK Carb Care

GY6 carbs scream clean me every season maybe more depending on your ridding. Its the additives in the gas that is clogging the carbs up. It does get so bad that most need to be replaced. The jets get clogged so there is no gas going through it only takes a small amount of time for a pilot jet to be clogged. Better gas does save this but that 87 grade is awful period, use 92 when ever possible its a gallon.

Scootertronics offers what you need to get the job done and keep it there every season. The kit included an ever missing Jet Cleaning tool plus we will offer Carb Cleaner just as we do at the shop.

For the 139QMB it comes with accel pump jet also plus pilot and new main.

The Scootertronics kit will include the rebuild parts  plus jet cleaning tool as well as larger main jet and pilot jet to get your carb where it should be from the start to add better overall performance.  These kits as well as our fuel and air delivery upgrades are just what the GY6 engines need for overall performance. The scooters come running lean, weak coils and limited CDIs as well as poor fuel delivery which all fail first. The fuel line stock is ok and works fine but adding a small amount of clear line between fuel filter and carb makes it easy to check that you are getting fuel. The newer Carbs offered have fuel bowel drains that you can reach at the end of drain hose which is also very much over looked. Its so easy to simply release the drain to tell if you are getting fuel plus if fuel is dirty and draining a flooded carb.

The easiest way to tell if your carb is clogged is not starting to poor performance and if the flooded carb is not pushing fuel out the over flow than your carb is soooo clogged. GY6 50 and 150 kits are both offered, no new float bowel  so that kinda a drag but stil a very good way to avoid new carb purchase and certain a value purchase with jet cleaning tool included for future cleans. Its a DIY world so lets get with it.

Jet Cleaning Tool

Jet Cleaning Tool

GY6 Carb Rebuild Kit

GY6 Carb Rebuild Kit with jets needle accel jet springs


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