Naraku Scooter Parts

Naraku Scooter Parts

Update June 2013

First Naraku and Stage6 have no US distributor. Both are not producing products with Stage6 as far as I know not making any parts and most are sold out. My displeasure comes from each of these companies and many more like Stage6 and Naraku along with their distributors who came to the US to sell their products to Scootertronics and myself in 2009. Well I took the bait and got caught in their Euro mess. I do have a few products left but when they are gone that is it and I will replace every product with parts that I can deliver. At this point I am so DONE promoting and trying to offer products to US consumers from companies that can not be contacted and do not provide anything not even the product. Please do not let one or two people tell anything else. Not going to pull my chain and tell everyone how many products I sell a week for 10 years but one or two I am not interested in promoting. When the numbers are that low I do not advertise I build with these like the Polini race pipes I have which is 4 so I do not tell everyone I have them.

There are plenty of products that can and will take the place of ALL Stage6 and Naraku products.


Naraku is a brand name only. Like most scooter performance parts all come from the same places and are developed by a few. NCY was first on my list in 2004 for the Honda Ruckus and Yamaha Zuma. Still going strong and along with the US distributor some great parts have been developed. At this time DC power CDIs are being developed that are real and really work that I will test for July.

Stage6 same thing a brand name. I found Stage6 from KOSO products I offer which are great and very much copied by Stage6. Stage6 had a few very good parts as in clutches and variators which were rebranded from KOSO as well as their carbs which are Dellorto same as Malossi and Pinasco plus Athena all same carbs. And jets are Dellorto and Kiehin as well as some cylinder kits are same as Athena with Athena boxes.





Naraku is a brand name same as NCY and well from I have tested, used, sold and offered Naraku scooter parts are a name brand of High performance and stock scooter parts adding performance same as NCY and I mentioned NCY because they have become wildly known in the last few years. Neither has US presence other than distributors which are retail websites as well.  Both offer about the samething so it becomes a market battle. I do like Naraku parts for the simple reasom it gives the consumer a choice. A choice lets a consumer get one or the other when one is not in stock. Just about every company and distributor in the last two years does not produce according to a real demand but simply to their liking.  Naraku does venture out and brand performance parts also. Their line of carbs is simply a less expensive Dellorto carb for two stroke scooters that they brand. Malossi and Polini are still the top of the line High Performance Parts. With myself having over 10 years in the scooter industry it is Polini and Malossi that are copied. Polini, Malossi, Athena carbs are all Dellorto.  There was no Naraku or NCY when I stepped off my two stroke chinese made scooter which looked exactly like a Piaggio and modeled after it with a Yamaha Jog 90 engine. I stumbled across the Chinese scooters when in 2003 I was offered a job running the service dept at Vespa of Washington DC.  Vespa of Washington CD closed shortly after so I am fortunate I stayed with my goal.

GY6 Cylinder Kit

GY6 Cylinder Kit

Which was to offer the local consumer help with scooters where there was none and the Chinese made scooters were just getting off the ground here in the states in 2003 as well as the internet for consumers to purchase products online.

Naraku has produced quite a few products that add performance at a very low cost that take advantage of what a scooter already has that is limited when the scooter is produced. Naraku does cover Performance parts for scooters from the Piaggio brand and Yamaha Zumas as well as Aprillia, Honda, TGB, Kymco which is really nice because of the engine Kymco uses in their two stroke Super 8 and Super 9. Naraku covers GY6 of course which can move over to Honda scooters due to the size of the engine whether a 50 or 150 use the splines of clutch and variator so GY6 performance fit right in a Honda as well at the same size. The Ruckus needs new rear drive pulley to upgrade.

Bottom of a Malossi big-bore 70 cc cylinder fo...


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