Scooter Performance

Scootertronics offers and stocks many performance parts for scooters from Piaggio to all the Chinese scooters which are very close to all types of Kymco, SYM, Piaggio Yamaha and Honda scooters. which have the CVT and fuel and air all in common. I mention Piaggio because these are highly popular as the best made.

The Chinese brands of scooters copy the style and look of Piaggio, Honda, Yamaha and the rest of the brand names. Many of the Chinese scooters look like the top brands thats the US does not see.  The Chinese borrow from the top brands for their CVT which means the variator and clutch will Kymco, Piaggio, Honda as well as the Chinese brand due to its all in the splines which so far for me is two. One is Honda or Piaggio which is GY6 for Chinese and Kymco for Twainese. The other main one is Yamaha. Items such as cables, levers, brake pads, brake shoes, grips, carbs, tires and many other parts are all interchange able. So many things are learned when the scooters are in front of you everyday. Now what happens a lot is your local motorcycle repair shop or scooter shop will need exact replacement that matches the parts number. Well a lot of time this will take a long time or will just not happen and a little knowledge and hard work with an open mind will work just fine. Unlike the auto parts industry the scooter industry is very young in the US and networks are just not there yet. A throttle cable for for a two stroke scooter is just that no matter what the brand name. Brake pads are brake pads and carbs are carbs. Take the front brake pads on a Chinese small scooter with 10 inch wheels well same ones on a Yamaha Zuma and guess what you can get a very nice set of EBC pads that will last a very long time.


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