August Sept

With a heavy Aug for orders and repairs and certainly mods and upgrades plus the New Honda PCX 125/150 products keeps Sept busy.

NCY Rear Shocks

NCY Rear Shocks

With Sept closing out more riders are continuing to ride longer into the season with a larger increase in riders in the sourthern states as well as out west in CA and CO. With Kymco keeping two strokes alive and well with the Super 8 AC 2T which has to be on the top of my list of scooters which continue to perform above all others in its range with its unique design and high performance final drive. The Super 8 as well as most Kymco 50 and 150 models have a final drive gear ratio that produces better top end than most other scooters. When upgrading its better to keep weights on the heavy side which I have seen 8 and 8.5gram weights in a 50cc 2T  compared to 4/6gram in Yamaha and CPI and Keeway.

Upgrade Mod Parts

Upgrade Mod Parts

A 2T Keeway Matrix with 12 inch wheels will have 4gram 15X12 roller weights out of the box where a Super 8 2T will 8gram 16X13 and to me out performs the Matrix. Both can be upgraded to get top end speeds of 60-70 but not everyone of them and it takes upgrades to all parts of the engine.


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