Straight Up Performance

Straight Up Performance

Not like anyone including myself is trying to reinvent the wheel most are just copying what comes before them. If you take a bunch of good ideals though and roll them your own this where the creative process and “invent” comes from. Follow a thinker and know everything about them and your own spin follows. Seeing yourself as a part of that image or craft creates your own performance package to add HP and torque from a chemical reaction that produces thermal energy that in turn produces mechanical power which simply air, fuel spark create a thermal reaction “heat” when compress then gets your piston going down and crank putting torque to your back wheel. Making that process the best it can be means being creative with what you have and its all been done.

Which brings me to Straight Up Performance with Fuel and Air Kits for the best delivery. From the gas to the engines. Use the power this generates to turn your CVT which in turn you also tune for best performance. So it all works together and slightly tunning each way will get you back and forth where you are going with your stuff.

Malossi Overrage for Yamaha




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