Live Help

Live Help

Instant Chat has been added. Once its customize it will be easier to see. For those who used it on the first few hours sorta caught off gaurd. No sooner than I installed emails came in plus live chat got it’s first questions on a purchase.

Install of live just goes along with the creative spirit that drives the obession that I have with the possibilty of a complete site that keeps giving. New intakes for 139QMB are being worked up also. The first prototypes have been made now I will test some on a scooter. The CF Moto CN250 exhaust have come to me finally and one will go on my V5 in the next 24hrs and video made and posted then they will start shipping.

MRP 250 Exhaust

MRP 250 Exhaust

The bew exhaust will fit a lot of different scooters using the CN250 engine including many scooter models and I am sure it will fit on some go carts. At this time several kits will be offered with carbs, weights, clutch springs and air filters. The exhaust alone will be offered for less than 300 dollars down from the 399.99 they have sold for, the newer pipe for 2012 is different than the 2006 version which is not being made at this time by MRP.


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