Building Scooters Motorcycles

Dues SR 400


Building Scooters and Motorcycles

Something I have done for quite awhile now is design and build scooters that are raced by SRC a scooter racing team that was put together in 2008 to race the Mid Atlantic tracks with the Mini Moto circuit that included tracks in MD, VA, NJ, PA and Ohio and dragways in IN and IL. Through 2011 with up to 14 race days a year SRC hit the tracks and hit them hard. Racing along side Mini Moto motorcycle racers with up to 150cc bikes that were both AC and LC and the ever fast Aprillia 50s plus the Honda NSR and Yamaha YSR 50 mini motorcycles.

While landing a scooter race without the motorcycles in on the track the scooter class depended on the amount of scooters that showed to race. Needed 5 for legal start. It was simple math to me bring 5 scooters with riders. With up to seven in the SRC Crew and 3-5 outside SRC we had ourselves a scooter race. These events took place at NJ Motorsports Park at NJMINIGP events and Sandyhook Raceway in MD. Great days that put SRC scooters up to the test. These races taught me alot about scooter tunning. Several times a scooter was built with all name brand products from Polini, Malossi, NCY, Yansuni, Stage6 and MRP without good results. But fine tunning solved that problem and most of all matching the right products up with each other. Sometimes an awful bogging problem that could not be figured out that took me back to the drawing board knowing it was not fuel and air. No one waslooking at anything else but fuel and air. Knowing RPMs in a scooter CVT depends also on the variator, weights, clutch and bell and torque spring. A 2000RPM torque spring solved the problem now you have to hang on or push the bars hard to stay up right. Thats right you push on a motorcycle or scooters handle bars to turn along with your body turning to get around the corner. Not as extreme when racing  but same principle. Trail and error has helped along the way. This time out I will depend more on my design skills and a flare for art. A motorcycle, of course vintage comes to mind same as a classic car as well as a hydroplane are works of art for me the same as an old strat is like a vintage car dashboard. Art Deco comes to mind so thats where I am what that look.


Race Pits

SRC Pits

Which brings me full circle into 2012 to motorcycles which is where I started my ridding in the 70s and really got into it while in CA in the late 80s. Bringing my work and projects to a smallerscale for one person to manage  is not the easiest task. At this time a shop is being put together a little closer to my home with keeping the other two moving along with service and repairs. The builds will be kept close due a lot of trial and error. I do have a lot of info to help also a few guys who are pros have already started my schooling. For the time being on the street I have been ridding a 2006 CF Moto V5 which is an automatic motorcycle using the CN250 scooter engine.  The V5 has seen a few better days and is testing a new V5 pipe at the time. So far so good on this test although the exhaust pipe is smaller and not quite as loud which i am not really excited about. The consumer will be happy. The pipe is made for CN250 engines in scoooters and CF Moto bikes.Having a few Honda CB bikes and Yamaha SR’s over the yearsgot me ridding a Vento motorcycle’s over the past 8 years. I kept a Rebellion which is a 150 like a Yamaha 175 which I had the pleasure of owning in the late 80s along with a 650 while in CA. The Vento is also a lot like a Honda rebel for size.

At this time I have startedthe design for building on Yamaha SRs and Honda CBs and a good chance a CRF plus scooters and mopeds. These will not be restore, not looking to rebuild I am looking to build those bikes into Made in the USAhand crafted motorcycles along with the scooters that are being built for 2013 by Scootertronics. A large part of my owrk with scooters is gettinmg them safe in traffic which cab be done easily. So many folks call for high performance engines that I will simply make the high performance scooter and deliver. On the scooter side will feature four stroke and two stroke 50s that are modified to with stand today’s traffic at 45mph average speed.  First up though is Liquid Cooled 90cc Jog which will not be for the street at first. I do have a race on Oct 26 2012 so we will see what she will do on that date. This does not mean that all will be 70cc-90cc machines but there will certainly be a few at 70cc and 90cc and everything in between. I d have some pics of other builds which are really stripped down bikes with some aftermarket parts and custom seats plus higher grade tires, pipes and well everything is custom with a price that will allow them to be bought and sold less than a brand new one in today’s market. This will allow the consumer to have a custom bike built for them.

The local Mid Atlantic area will have the motorcycles and scooters hand delivered as always. Stayed tuned a lot will happen over the next 6 months for 2013. Always starting in OCT to get ready for the next year or season, so hang close while I put together some bikes and scooters and secure some more vendors and parts which I have several trips planned for the states in NOV for CF Moto and Nachman and Texas.




Triumph Tiger 500

Triumph Tiger 500

Its that time of year lets get it together and make 2013 a slamming USA year.Enhanced by Zemanta

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