Top Motorcycle Builder Deus

Yamaha SR500 Motorcycle Build

If you had to list the builders at the top of today’s custom scene, most observers would put Deus in the top five.

A lot of this reputation comes from transforming Yamaha’s SR series—a machine that’s not officially sold in Australia, but is well-suited to Sydney’s rutted streets.  Tracker bars, blacked-out mag wheels and Dunlop K180 tires complete the look. Slim, agile and antisocial, it’s the sort of machine that just begs to be ridden Read the complete article here


Deus Yamaha SR500

Deus Yamaha SR500


Can’t say enough about this look. Although and not overly technical its powerful light weight and easy to handle for almost anyone.

Yamaha SR500 build by Dues America.







SR500 Carb


The whole point of a stripped down Scooter Build

A stripped down look is becoming very popular for custom builds which also is started to show up in larger city streets where it was to be found in the back woods of motorcycle mechanics who out of sheer “I don’t have the correct parts” got their bikes on the road with whatever was around. At Scootertronics this is how I built up the shop with a mechanic I could explain to you how the scooter worked and ask the simple task of “just make it run well and look good here are the parts who will need so put these on and let me know” that way the instructions were completely clear. Worked everytime. Little did I know I was taking a page out of every custom builder that had sprung up everywhere mostly in the back woods. By tearing a machine down and sort of reverse engineering you can discover how everything works and eliminate what is really not needed. The whole alarm system that comes pre-installed on a lot of Chinese made scooters is junk. The air and fuel delivery as well as exhaust is hampered by reburn of of gas fumes and exhaust fumes which simply make the scooter go slower and in the  end break and no one can fix it unless they understand how its all put together. So I simply tear out all alarms, hose and cans that hamper the air and fuel delivery. Look at it this way. The blow by from the head in a four stroke GY6 engine is routed back into the air box to travel through the carb. To me this is silly. When I race these machines I add a catch can for the head when in reality I should have no oil coming from the head that’s why its called blow by (PCV) which is what its really supposed to do is release pressure from the head. So many time consumers call and ask why they have oil in their air box which is going straight into the carb which at this point is all up in the jets that will now need replacing. Well when you connect the blow by to the air filter that is where the oil is coming from the head or engine. This is just to give an example of how some scooters and this is the inexpensive ones from China can be made to run better in a heart beat.

Scootertronics Parts


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