Mikuni Scooter Carb Mod

Mikuni Carbs

TM Series

TM24 – TM32

Mikuni has long been a standard along with Keihin for fuel and air delivery. From Carbs and Jets to intake manifolds and fuel pumps Mikini products find their way onto motorcycles and scooters for high performance. The TM24 and TM28 are best fits for scooters from 70cc- 300cc two and four-stroke engines. The Mikuni are manual choke carbs that can accept a choke cable for easier use. Intake manifolds, air filters plus air intake manifolds can and will be needed to accept the Mikuni carbs on scooters. I only suggest the TM series for scooters bot four-stroke and two-stroke. For four-stroke its a welcome change from the CVK carbs that come stock on GY6 machines plus the larger CN250 and Linhai engines. With the success of the 32mm Keihin carb upgrade for both GY6 and the larger CN250 and Linhai engines the TM series provides a smaller platform to fit in tight spaces and of course a choice for consumers for both two-stroke and four stroke. The fuel and air delivery can and will change the way your scooter runs. Scooter owners who always had a feeling their scooter just was not performing as it should or can should always take a look at fuel and air delivery. Straight UP Performance has developed many products to improve fuel and air delivery for scooters from the Mikuni fuel pumps which have been copied everywhere else leaving Scootertronics the only outlet for Genuine Mikuni fuel pumps to the CVK 32mm Carb Upgrade which many have taken advantage of the plug and play nature of the kit for CN250 engines.

Scooters and Engines TM Series from Mikuni fits well with the following

  • CN250 CF Moto V3/V5
  • CN250 Engine is all scooters from Honda, Jonway, Znen
  • Kymco Two Stroke horizontal engines
  • Kymco Four Stroke Engines 150cc – 250cc also 49cc four stroke with big bore upgrade
  • GY6 150cc engines as well as 49cc with big bore
  • Mineralli, Franco Morini, Kymco, SYM, Yamaha, 40QMB most two stroke scooter engines


Stage6 Air Filter

Stage6 Air Filter

Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold

Keihin 32mm Carb

Keihin 32mm Carb

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