SYM Classic 150


Allianace Power Sports

SYM Wolf Classic 150

Alliance Power Sports along with Lance Power Sports have always been a favorite of mine for one reason. Lance jumped in head over heels dropshipping scooters anywhere and everywhere and quickly became one of many followers who sold online. Although Lance had picked a better brand to RE Brand as their anybody and everyone who wanted to pay the dollars could so which continues to the day. Somehow Lance saw the light as I see everyday and changed and put out one bike the Cali Classic in a 50 and 125 and did it right. Made a Lance product that kept to a dealer base and somehow after much to do joined up with SYM who already had their own line scooters plus provided engines with SYM logo for Tomos scooters who were moped builders there for the Tomos Nitro never went anywhere but on the corner with 1127 other brands pf Chinese made scooters who claimed they were not Chinese made, now of course this is my opinion from my 10 years running a shop and online store for scooters and parts.  Simply said do one thing right a 1,000 times instead of trying to do 1,000 things right and bam success. Now that we got that out of the way lets get to some bikes.

The SYM Classic as known as the Wolf Classic 150 reminds me first off as a Cafe Racer which it’s trying hard for that look plus the small Honda Yamaha motorcycles that really changed the way the US consumers rides today. In the land of loud bigger is better and the dirtier they come the harder they fall the Classic 150 fits well into a lot of consumers pockets and just the style they may have longed for when they skipped it earlier in life. The Wolf Classic 150 is the right size and power for any city rider who need to get out in the burbs a few times a week. The bike is easy on the eye and in the time of everything Retro it fits right in anywhere. With so many builders who build some really nice bikes from the scarp heap I am sure it will not be long before a Wolf finds its way into builders hands and turns out to be a bobber or genuine cafe racer. At this point its on my list right next to  SR250.


Please check out Alliance Power Sports and all the new SYM scooters 



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