Constant Velocity Carb


Constant Velocity Carb so high tech sounding for a common carb that suits four stroke engines well. Can be found on a Harley and found on Tao Tao GY6 49cc four stroke GY6 50 scooter a Honda Ruckus and Kymco 250 most four stroke scooters.

Straight Up Performance CV250 Carb Kit is a simple upgrade using a Keihin CV Carb with manual choke matched with an UNI Dual Layer Sir Filter with choke and throttle cable ready to hook to most throttle body’s on Honda Helix, Kymco 250, CN250 as well as the CF Moto V3/V5 where the CV 250 Carb Kit shines with added top and bottom throttle response.

Although most 250cc scooters will gladly welcome the CV250 Carb Kit the CV250 can be added to high250-intake performance GY6 150 engines in both scooters and go carts with a high velocity air intake from Straight Up the CV250 will power a 180cc engine to the top of its power band. There are several different intake that can be used to hold K&N Air Filters which are best for scooters and UNI Dual Layer Air Filters for ease of cleaning. plus several Stage6 Racing Air Filters that can be added for the CF Moto V5 that replace the stock air box with an air filter of the same size. Just the removable of the stock air box opens the air flow to the engine for better cooling and air flow to the engine for the intake since it is already outside the panels.

Straight Up Performance also offers an K&N Air Kit for the V5 which take s the place of one of the speaker grills with a Chrome K&N Air Filter quiet cool but you loose the speakers you can not hear.


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