Motorcycle Builds


You will find a lot of the bikes that seem bland to some are dream builds for others. Customized bikes and parts are jumping up all over and some Deus putting everyone on notice with their stylish and power builds that just make sense. Not all motorcycles are Harley’s or what I still call Ninja style Sport bikes.

CB200engine The Deus CB200 was simply a Honda twin with a five speed gearbox that made getting around town easy and affordable. Deus turns the CB200 into art.

Some very cool updated custom mods for the Honda CB200

• Veutura Handle Bars
• Japanese Alloy tank with custom spray
• Custom Small Switch
• HD Front Light
• Posh Stop Light
• Posh Small Chrome Speedo
• Custom Header Pipe Stainless Steel
• Custom Reverse Cone Stainless Exhaust
• Swallow 120/80/18 Front And Back Tires
• Wrinkle Black Engine Finish With Polished Side Cover
• Ikon Rear Shocks
• Modified Frame
• GS 250 Swing Arm
• Clear gum grips
• Yamaha Byson FZ-1 Front Shocks and Triple tree
• Custom Deus bubble seat


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